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******SCD is an inherited disorder in which the Red blood cell is abnormally shaped, can get stuck in blood vessels and blocks them resulting in episodes of pain called a sickle cell crisis.  Patients with sickle cell disease are referred to as sickle cell warriors. Warriors are prone to sickle cell crises once they undergo any form of stress.   **The DO’s** Drink plenty of fluids; dehydration can increase the risk of a crisis, it is...


Written by By Jemela Williams I’ve been asked this question on more than one occasion when I mention the medications that I’m currently on for the management of my Sickle Cell Anemia. What is Endari? So I’m here to answer this question amongst others such as, what Endari is for, what it’s supposed to do, how do you use it, side effects and more. I’ll also include how my Sickle Cell SS has been affected...


No wonder so many of us are anxious or depressed. But you can take scientifically validated steps to improve your mental outlook, and — because the mind and body are entwined — these behaviors also will improve your overall health. 1. Practice optimism The studies are positive: Looking on the bright side of life really is good for you. Optimists have a 35% less chance of dying from heart attack or stroke; are more likely...


Great. Now’s the time to set those New Year’s resolutions. As we head into a year — and a new decade — your first step is to believe you can do it. The opposite is also true, said University of Scranton psychology professor John C. Norcross, who has studied resolutions for decades. If you think you can’t do it, you’ll likely prove yourself right. While about 40% of Americans set resolutions around January 1, about...


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