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No wonder so many of us are anxious or depressed. But you can take scientifically validated steps to improve your mental outlook, and — because the mind and body are entwined — these behaviors also will improve your overall health. 1. Practice optimism The studies are positive: Looking on the bright side of life really is good for you. Optimists have a 35% less chance of dying from heart attack or stroke; are more likely...


Great. Now’s the time to set those New Year’s resolutions. As we head into a year — and a new decade — your first step is to believe you can do it. The opposite is also true, said University of Scranton psychology professor John C. Norcross, who has studied resolutions for decades. If you think you can’t do it, you’ll likely prove yourself right. While about 40% of Americans set resolutions around January 1, about...


For many, this is easily the best part of the entire holiday — but at a certain point, even the most devoted leftovers fans will question if that side dish is still OK to eat. Some answers depend on your family traditions: If your relatives like to leave the Thanksgiving feast on the table for all to snack on during the football screen fest, you’re already in trouble. Bacteria grow fast. All of the food...


“It is the most unbelievable, beautiful, harmonious, blissful exercise,” Fung says, as she lifts her arms to the sky in the preparatory movement called Wu Chi. “We breathe in, we open palms down, absorb the energy from Earth. We breathe in, palms up towards the sky, absorb the energy from heaven,” she explains, bringing a dancer’s innate elegance to the motions. It was dance that brought Fung to the practice of Tai Chi, as she...


Living with sickle cell disease presents many challenges. Whether I’m at home or traveling, I need to make adjustments to ensure that I’m prepared if a vaso-occlusive crisis should strike. Here are some things that help me manage my life with sickle cell disease: Hot-water bottle: This everyday item helps me to keep warm in general and provides comfort when I am experiencing a sickle cell crisis. Applying a hot-water bottle to a painful area...


When we have a crisis or another sickle cell-related complication, we often require urgent medical attention and hospital admission. So we make our way to our local hospital’s accident and emergency department or emergency room. The ER is known for the long wait to be seen by a medical professional. When I go to the ER, I hear people complain about the two to three hours’ wait, but the delay is often longer. I once...


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